Nuts and bolts of deregulation

Here is a fine, detailed article about how federal regulations are made and how they can be unmade.  Not everything achieved by the stroke of a Presidential pen can be instantly undone the same way.  Nevertheless, there are well-understood pathways for clearing out bad regulations, and there are signs that Congress and the White House are well started on their task.


MikeD said...

See, that strikes me as eighteen different kinds of crazy. How can one President command something by fiat, but another President who follows not undo it with the same power? That posits the idea that whoever issued their diktat first wins forever.

douglas said...

Oh, things may get quite a bit more interesting- from the article:
"Because law’s 60-day clock counts legislative days, any rules Obama has issued since June are subject to CRA review."

Now, it's been posited that in fact they may be able to use the CRA provisions on rules going back much further than 60 legislative days ago- because apparently the law states that the clock starts when the rule is published or when congress receives a report, whichever comes later. If that holds, they could be undoing rules going back throughout Obama's presidency. We can only hope.

Tom said...

We may only get 2 years to do this. So, what, we repeal about 2 regulations? *bangs head on counter, carefully avoiding the bourbon glass*

Can't Congress & the President just change the rules about how all this works? I'm not nearly tired of winning yet.