Declassified Commie Jokes

No, really. The Agency apparently collected them like we'd collect "atmospherics" in Iraq. They just declassified a bunch of them.
Sentence from a schoolboy’s weekly composition class essay: “My cat just had seven kittens. They are all communists.” Sentence from the same boy’s composition the following week: “My cat’s seven kittens are all capitalists.” Teacher reminds the boy that the previous week he had said the kittens were communists. “But now they’ve opened their eyes,” replies the child.
I guess this is the week for Communist jokes, because I just ran across this one the other day.

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james said...

_You Call This Living?" by C. Banc
These and many more. e.g. Two guards at night: "Tell me frankly comrade, what do you think of our glorious government?" "The same as you, comrade." "In that case it is my duty to arrest you."

Not to be confused with the Kingsley book of the same name.