Those nuts in the other half

The executive editor of "Cracked" Magazine has at least a glimmer of where all those crazy Trump voters are coming from, though he's careful to explain that he left the compound a long time ago and is enlightened now.


raven said...

Pretty good article, I read a few comments "oh yes, but why Trump?

They should be glad. People fight with whatever tool is at hand. They burned through a Romney, they burned through the Tea Party, and almost burned through Trump. The next one up was likely to be a Pinochet.

Ymar Sakar said...

The Left complains about Pinochet for a reason.

Of course, I was told by Trum supporters that electing Trump will halt or delay the power of the Leftist alliance or whatever they termed it at the time.

They haven't done much to save the people from the Mob in America, however, as riots are still shooting people and beating the knickers out of supposed Trum supporters.

Has Trum or his supporters done anything to protect or halt such violence, or is it as I've said before, that Trum won't save them. Think Global, Act Local. Or in this case, people will have to learn how to kill their enemies personally, they can't just endlessly farm it out to hero kings in DC.