Status quo

Here's what Europeans say about why all the business innovation seems to be coming from the U.S. The article concludes with the interesting observation that, even in the U.S., the innovation comes disproportionately from first-generation offspring of immigrants.


Grim said...

That is an interesting observation. Do you suppose it's a case of correlation, or of causation?

Anonymous said...

I've been told by my European clients that "there is no place like the US for getting things done." Innovative people, who want to get something done within their own lifetimes, come here.

That's not due to the presence of immigrants.

Also, the list of tech companies in the article originates from an unregulated category, namely software/electronics.

I would like to see a comparison of innovation in the medical field, possibly separating drugs and devices, even though the US government has begun regulating non-invasive devices (such as analytical tests) as if they were drugs. What is the rate of innovation in the field of medical treatments compared to consumer electronics?