Special Forces Sergeant Charles Martland

A delegate from Culpepper, VA -- a city with some significant American heritage -- rises to call his fellows to the defense of an American warrior. The speech is impassioned. I don't know if it is convincing. Many will be put off by the admission that the sergeant "beat" an Afghan police officer, regardless of the fact that this officer was a child rapist.

In the old days, we would have simply asked: What would you have done, if it had been you standing there, and the child came to beg you for help? What would you have done, when the police laughed in your face and the faces of the child and his mother? What else could you do to convey that, at least as long as you were there, the rape of children was going to stop?

In the old days, any American worth his salt would have said nothing in answer to those questions, but nodded. There are no good answers to the questions. In such a place as Afghanistan, there is only doing what you can do as the man on the ground with the gun. You may not be able to change the culture, but you can make it stop for a while.

That's what any of us would have done. It's not a question of what is right. It's a question of what is left.


raven said...

The politicians identify with the rapist, not the child.

Like this-

Grim said...

That does seem to be true in at least some cases -- Roman Polanski, Bill Clinton.

E Hines said...

I'm down with the beating. I'm not down with killing him. I want him to live with his own humiliation.

Too bad the rapist couldn't have received some refreshers.

Eric Hines

Ymar Sakar said...

The Left and Democrats lifted the embargo against Cuba for a good reason. Cuba has sex prostitutes aged under 13, boys and girls. The sex tourists can go there and get some perks, which would be illegal in their own Western country.

This benefits certain powerful players, since even they cannot easily acquire specimens in their home country.

There is also the example of Rot England, but that example hit a lot closer to Waco Texas than people wanted to think.