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I don't know if any readers live in Virginia, but their anti-gun governor just announced an end to reciprocity with 25 states on firearms carry permits. Virginia is an interesting state on gun rights issues. It's the home of the NRA, but it actually has more restrictive laws than most American states on firearms carry. The large population of Washington, D.C. government employees drives politics in the northeastern part of the state much farther to the left, and to affection for government as a solution to problems, than is common elsewhere in the state. The southern and western parts of the state thus end up living under laws that are quite different from the ones they would choose for themselves.

For those of you who may live there, though, the best organization pointed at the state-level gun laws is not the NRA, but the Virginia Citizens' Defense League (VCDL). I used to be a member when I lived up there, and I find them to be deeply engaged with the state legislature and local politics in a helpful way. It will be difficult for anyone to undo the governor's executive decision until the next gubernatorial elections, just as it is hard to undo the President's series of executive orders via a Congress that has to get past his veto. Nevertheless, if anyone is going to be successful in restoring your rights, VCDL is the organization.

Their website seems to be having some issues this morning due to heavy traffic, which is a good sign. Check back through the day or tomorrow as necessary.

In the meantime, residents of Virginia who may lose the right to carry in other states if those states retaliate may pursue a permit in Florida, which is widely accepted nationwide. Residents of other states who have to travel to Virginia may obtain a nonresident permit that is specific to Virginia. So there are workarounds to this executive order, which are attainable at the cost of a few extra tax dollars payable to another state.


Ymar Sakar said...

I always wondered why Fairfax Virginia and other parts of that state, were so Leftist. Until I looked at where DC was situated for the past few hundred years.

Kelly said...

I'm in Virginia. Not a native though -- I'm a fifth generation Arkansan. We live in a rural part of the state that's rapidly being swallowed up by Northern Virginia and don't understand our neighbors' indifference, but then most of them are transplants, too, and not from other rural places, either. As they say, Virginia is too Northern to suit the Southerners and too Southern to suit the Northerners.

Several months ago my oldest son asked me to go into town with him to buy a couple of suits at a nice shop, and knowing that you can't predict people's reactions, he quietly mentioned that he needed to have the coat fitted over his holster. The man said that well over half their customers carried, so then we relaxed.

That must sound so odd to some folks. ;-)

I've never commented before, by the way, but I've been following your blog for a couple of years now. Thanks for the info and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the VA governor's choice of words. The CCHP in the 25 affected states would allow people who do not meet VA's CCHP limits to carry. I may go to one of the CCHP omnibus sites and do a little "comparison shopping" to see just how large the difference is. I suspect not very.

Interestingly, TX and OK licenses are still reciprocated.


Grim said...


My pleasure, ma'am.

That's an interesting story about your tailor.


Georgia licenses were never recognized in Virginia, so in a way it's a small enough matter for me. :) But North Carolina licenses had been, and I'm not sure why. NC recognizes GA licenses freely enough, and GA recognizes any state that recognizes us in return.