Former Guardsman Facing Decades in Prison For Terror Plot

Fortunately, unlike in other cases we can see a clear causal factor here: Hasan was obviously a disgruntled veteran.

He was aiming at killing up to 150 people in an attack on his former comrades.


Ymar Sakar said...

After Vietnam, Leftist psychologists, one of your personal biased against groupings Grim, indoctrinated returning and isolated veterans who had "issues", with the dictate that they were child killers and mass murderers.

When a person's rationale and justification for what they did breaks down, their psychological state becomes incredibly easy to condition and reform, into the "crazy mass killer" ideal that the Left produced concerning Vietnam veterans.

It is ironic that the former Hasan officer was a psychologist on the base for veterans with PTSD. The Left has often taken that position and used it to their advantage before.

Ymar Sakar said...

Hussein, like Clinton, is just going to pardon their traitor cliques at the end of their term, maybe 2nd, maybe 4th term.

After all, that specialist looks like the son Hussein never had, right.