On The List Of Things To Avoid

"Rob a man who keeps a sword."

If you want to see some graphic photography of the damage he did, you can do so here. Apparently it wasn't very hard for the police to find the criminals: they just followed the trails of blood.


Eric Blair said...

People really have no idea how those swords used to cut. That was a sharp blade.

raven said...

Was he in a house when he used it? It seemed like the wounds were much less than normal for a real solid slice, - as in, the head is still attached. His swing room may have been impeded by walls, ceiling, etc. A shorter wakazashi is probably better in tight quarters. Musashi was famous for using a sword in each hand.
Early European accounts of Japanese bar squabbles made special note of the floor being littered with fingers etc., afterwards. I suppose now the authorities on the subject would be the Yakuza.

Grim said...

He was apparently defending his home, according to the account. So yes: very short strokes, much less powerful than if he had been able to get moving. :)