Two History Quizzes

The first one prompts you to put historical events in order. I scored 98% as I got Catherine the Great wrong. I knew dates for the others, but I was just trying to guess based on her clothing where she fit into it.

The second one just asks you which of two things is older. The name of the quiz gives away the game, so it's really not hard at all. Kind of fun, though.


E Hines said...

100% on history; although I prefer the option of working from either end toward the middle and being able to rearrange things as I go and recognize error. Ask me the dates, and I could name about three of them, though.

Only 9 on which is older.

Apparently, I can order things, but I stink at judging age.

Eric Hines

Eric Blair said...

15/15 on the history. That didn't even require any thought really.

14/15 on the 'which is older' I figured MLK was the outlier since he was a guy and the other three were women. But the rest were not difficult at all, basically due to what Grim had said about the title of the quiz.

Texan99 said...

I was really mixed up about Catherine the Great's era--I was trying to put her in the 19th century.

I would have bombed a lot of the questions in the second quiz if I hadn't seen them before, especially the ones with Harvard and Oxford.

douglas said...

Okay, the comparative one is so hard because there are at least two that are wrong-

Moby Dick 1851. 2015-1851=164. There are whales living to over 161 years old?

“The Ottoman Empire dissolved in the aftermath of WWI, well after Warner Brothers was established in 1923.”
The Ottoman Empire dissolved in 1922.

Then there's stuff like MLK, Barbara Walters and Anne Frank being born in 1929, but Betty White in 1922- you either know these or you don't, but it's not like they're from different eras, so no way to deduce an answer.

The other one, yes, Catherine the Great was the bugaboo.

douglas said...

Okay, I googled the whales thing and apparently Bowhead whales are believed to live well over 100 years, and there is some suggestion that perhaps they have exceeded 150 to approaching 200 years, but there isn't proof. I still call bunk on that one.

Texan99 said...

The usual trick on the comparative ones is to choose whichever one is counterintuitive, like Harvard and calculus. If they wanted to make it harder they'd throw in some ringers: things that sound wrong and really are.

I agree about Anne Frank, et al.--I pegged all four as fairly likely to have been born in the same year, or close enough--basically the same class as my mother--so my answer was a guess. I assumed it would be either Barbara Walters or Betty Thomas that was the odd-one out, because the whole trick is how difficult it is to think of people as contemporaries when one dies young and the other doesn't.