Can't Vouch for the "Young"

Twice in the last couple of weeks I've met SUVs in my lane while riding my motorcycle, once 3/4s of the way in my lane (in a curve on a hill), and the other time 100% of the way in my lane while I was carrying my wife as passenger. Both times they were women on their cell phones, apparently completely mentally removed from the world in which they were navigating a heavy weight motor vehicle down a road at high speed.

They weren't young women, though. Both of them were about my mother's age. The second one shot us the bird after she wrestled her car back into her lane, as if she was deeply and personally offended that she'd had to leave off her pleasant conversation for an emergency lane change. I assume the truth is that she was embarrassed and defensive. Still, it's a good thing my wife wasn't in control of the direction of the motorcycle on that occasion. To judge from her commentary once we got to town, she was ready to rip that woman's lungs out and salt them.


E Hines said...

Your wife is a lady. Salting is not what I'd have had in mind. And the lungs would have taken circuitous routing from the chest.

I don't react kindly to willful stupidity.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

The salt is part of an old tradition, Mr. Hines.

Eric Blair said...

That has happened to me as a pedestrian using cross walks I don't know how many times.

Every flippin' time it was a woman on her cell phone.

Anonymous said...

My theory is that some people do not improve with age. Rude and stupid young people make rude and stupid grown-ups.


raven said...

Self entitled precious little vapid fools. They have never actually seen any real consequences in their lives.
The idea they could cause a bloody mess never crossed their mind, and if they did, they would be horrified but it would be your fault for having the temerity to be riding where they were driving.
There is no legal recourse that will ever change their actions, before they cause harm.

Anonymous said...

I drove into a snow-filled ditch several years ago to avoid a SUV that was splitting the lanes . . . so she wouldn't get slush on her newly-washed vehicle. Thanks be for 4WD, all it cost me was a few minutes and uncharitable thoughts. I shudder to think what she'd be like talking on a cell-phone.


E Hines said...

The salt is part of an old tradition

Yes, I'm aware. But the ritual salting generally occurs before the lungs are withdrawn from the body.

Eric Hines

MrSparkle said...

It's definitely worth funding motorbike awareness campaigns as so many drivers are just not looking for bikes.

I know, I cross my toes whenever I approach a junction.