I'm Not Sure I Got My Point Across About Mazzy Star

If you don't know them, you should listen to a bit of their work.

They once wrote a piece that got my attention, given my love for highways and speed and the death that attends them.

This one was their famous piece:

But really in the end, I liked everything they did.


Ymar Sakar said...

You love death like the Israelis love life?

Or do you mean you love highways because of the Death attached to it?

Grim said...

More the latter. Did you never drive fast on a highway? Especially at night, in the mountains, when the light makes everything pale?

Ymar Sakar said...

You're referring to the adrenaline and focus line then. Like looking over a cliff while at the top of a summit or over hang, knowing how easy it is to slip off and fall.

I'm familiar with that, but there's also people who might be too much enamored with adrenaline experiences.

Eric Blair said...

"...I've been to the edge. I've stood and looked down. I've lost a lot of friends there baby; I got no time to mess around..."

Grim said...

Ah, the grand old days when Van Halen was young.

raven said...

The times I remember best was when I was scared the most.