The Reverend Horton Heat

I mentioned this band in conversation at Cass' place, and it occurs to me that some of you might appreciate them.
Since we're getting close to the season, why not start with some Christmas music?

Music for driving fast:

More on this subject:

Advice on diet:

Something instrumental:

Advice on dealing with failed relationships:

More on that subject (watch out: this video has lots of those rockabilly graphics):

Bringing it home:


Joel Leggett said...

Have you checked out the new CD, Rev. It is outstanding.

Plus, he has a song that offers to teach you how to eat.

Grim said...

I've only heard the one song off the new album! I got to see them in concert not too long ago, but at that time they were still selling their box set. They're a great show band.

Eric Blair said...

Who does not know of the Reverend?

Grim said...

Surprisingly there are some folks. I took a couple with me to that show I just mentioned in which the husband had never heard one of their songs before. He was completely converted by the experience, though.