Better shut it down

Blood tests available without going through a doctor's office that are quick, cheap, and accurate, and the results go straight to the patient.  For a healthcare bureaucrat, where's the opportunity for graft in that?  Besides, how dare the founder get rich on the backs of the people?


Anonymous said...

I find it amusing and infuriating that the so-called insurance reform does not cover what actually makes people thrive, and instead focuses on medical tools that are old.

I replaced my podiatrist with a chiropractor. I have a massage therapist deal with the portion of my back pain the chiropractor did not reach. I have a "cosmetic" doctor deal with skin issues that impinge on my general health. I have used personal trainers to teach me how to regain my muscle mass and stamina after a severe infectious illness. I have used brain scans to identify the type of medicine that should be used to help me recover from extreme stress.

None of this is covered by insurance, and it all works better than the modalities that I tried that were covered by insurance.


Ymar Sakar said...

How dare they produce technology not certified by Leftists like Sharpton and Glaad. Where's the EPA when you need a SWAT team.