December Talks To May

A part of an essay by a formerly drug-addled Boomer on reaching 60:
And don’t believe the beauty page gush that you are in fact only as old as you feel. It’s a nonsense, based on the assumption that ageing is primarily a physical process. It isn’t, it’s a maturing one. It’s not a feeling, it’s an experience. You are as old as you can remember....

A contemporary of mine, after a number of marriages, found a girlfriend less than half his age of a transcendent pneumatic beauty who hung on his every word — and dumped her after a couple of months. Why, I asked — she was perfect! “Too many things we didn’t have in common,” he said sadly. Like what? “Well, the Eighties.”

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Ymar Sakar said...

I think they ran out of June Cleavers due to something the Left did with drugs and free love (sex).

Well, you'd have to be a Woody Allen and prime a target starting young, otherwise the old professor vs young co ed thing doesn't seem to last past a few years.