"I can't believe they let you do that"

Bill Whittle is terrific.  I can't seem to link directly to this video, so here's a basic PJTV link that, for now at least, takes you directly to his piece describing the pleasures of visiting Texas for Thanksgiving.


raven said...

Whittle is superb, eh? Some years ago he wrote a short piece on Joshua Chamberlain and the 20th Maine's defense of Little Round Top. A lot of brave men that day, in both Blue and Gray.
And his debunking of the "Bush is an idiot" meme was outstanding- He starts out with a photo of the cockpit of a jet fighter Bush flew - this was "steam gauge" era, before digital electronics, the complexity is astonishing.
When flying an airplane, or building a bridge, or mending a body- failures are obvious,penalties are severe.
Not so much for wafflers, obfuscaters, and manipulators..
or as John Lee Hooker called them- "backbiters and syndicators" A good description of our current crop of "leaders".

douglas said...

I didn't realize Bill Whittle was my 'neighbor'. Watching that video is just rubbing it in, because he's right. You wouldn't believe what it takes to go and put a few rounds through the ol' .22 around here. Backyard? Forget it. You can go to a shooting range twenty five miles from here and pay to shoot, or drive about 125 miles to get to somewhere empty enough to shoot and where it's legal to do so. Hunting? Pretty much any good area to hunt that's legal is several hours drive away, which makes scouting difficult. Of course, now they also have banned lead ammo for hunting.

Why do I stay?