"Savor the Richly Deserved Defeat of Feinstein's 'Assault Weapons Ban'"

They're right.  We ought to savor it, and not just because good news out of Washington is rare these days.  We ought to savor it because it was a bad law that deserved to be rejected on the merits, and it was.  We ought to savor the success of citizen activism, in the form of the NRA and GOA and all the smaller, state-level gun rights groups.

It doesn't happen often enough, but when it does, it sure is nice to see.


Miss Ladybug said...

This is still much to worry about in the gun control legislation before the Senate, even without the "assault weapons" ban...

PALADIN said...

Don't count her out yet.
She was on CNN saying she will get the votes needed, one way or another.

But yes it is a good day when you can defeat a Liberal.
Round 1 goes to common sense.

MikeD said...

She was on CNN saying she will get the votes needed, one way or another.

People say all manner of things that just aren't so. I do not doubt that she will try. I just can pretty much assure that she won't succeed.

DL Sly said...

Actually, Gollum has already said she could reintroduce the ban as an amendment later. I'm imagining something like the *reconcilliation* maneuver they used wrt the ACA.
Either way it won't matter, as many LEO's and state legislatures are already laying the foundations for civil disobedience via a coordinated refusal to enforce such laws should they pass. For a glimpse into the future viability of such actions, we need only keep an eye on Colorado.