Police state (part 44)

As has become depressingly common, another report of ignorant law enforcement "professionals" harrassing innocent citizens.

So now it's ok to pull over cars based on bumper stickers?


Grim said...

That's a good question. What if it had been a marijuana leaf? Does that give the police authority to stop you? My guess is that the answer has to be "No," based on free expression, but apparently the cop felt entirely comfortable doing it.

Cass said...

People do all sorts of things they're not supposed to all the time.

Rules don't prevent that. They never have and never will. They can discourage it (and the fact that this is "news" suggests they do in fact do that).

Cass said...

...but not keep rulebreaking from occurring :p

Anonymous said...

No, content of a bumper sticker is not going to give them probable cause to stop a car, unless (fantasizing, here,) they had prior knowledge that the courier would be driving a car with a specific decal on it, the decal being intended as an identifying mark for other members in the conspiracy.

...And there would be an inch-thick file and a search warrant in that particular fantasy scenario.