If It's Going to be a Police State...

...At least it could be a competent police state. And as Glenn Reynolds notes:
"An armed civilian who made this mistake would be tried for every possible crime a prosecutor could imagine. How likely do you think that is here?"
Not very likely. 


Grim said...

It will be discovered to be an accident, purely unprosecutable.

Just like with Sal Culosi. Most likely you don't remember the name, but once upon a time, he was my eye doctor. Until, that is, the police shot him dead... the SWAT team... while arresting him on a warrant for gambling on sporting events at Applebees.

Sal was just an eye doctor. He didn't carry a gun, he wasn't involved in organized crime, he was just a guy who liked to take a wager on the football games of the weekend. The SWAT officer who shot him had his .45 pointed at an unresisting subject, with his finger on the trigger, 'and the gun went off.'

Pure accident, the state decided. No charges to be brought.

Eric Blair said...

Yup. Why a SWAT team to arrest the guy in the first place?