Customer Service

Two weeks ago I ordered some motorcycle parts. They were shipped on the first of August, with a note that they would arrive in one to three days. In fact they arrived today, in the following package:

I can't imagine why the Postal Service is having so much trouble with its competition.

UPDATE: ...and unsurprisingly, one of the parts -- a headlight replacement bulb -- was broken.  Beautiful.


Texan99 said...

They're usually slightly cheaper, and I've had reasonable results from them. But last Christmas I sent some packages that were delayed for a couple of weeks, while private carriers were dealing much better with the rush. What's more, although there is a rudimentary tracking service, it amounts to an acknowledgement of initial receipt followed by two weeks of nothing, followed at last by acknowledgement of receipt at the processing center nearest the recipient. With UPS and FedEx you can practically find out where the truck is driving around with your package. Frankly, the USPS wouldn't have even the rudimentary tracking system if they didn't have the private carriers to compete with. It's a shame, but public services like this just don't seem able to kick their own butts into gear.

Anonymous said...

In June I ordered something that failed to arrive. The company sent a replacement and lo and behold, two boxes arrived. Part of the label on the first box had been torn. Not the address portion, but a bar code. leaving the addresses quite visible and readable. Yet without the bar code the box languished in a corner of the regional post office. Once the rest of the bar code arrived (on the second box) hey presto! we have delivery. I was not amused.


Eric Blair said...

I question the packaging. I just got a 'panama' hat, shipped from Ecuador, and it arrived squashed, due to the really poor packing of it. (Luckily, that didn't matter, as it regained it's shape once I popped the crown back out.)

Grim said...

Those are good hats.

The packaging was double-boxed, with internal padding provided by wads of paper. I think it would have been fine if they hadn't dropped a gorilla on it.

Bob said...

To be strictly fair we get mail that's completely in Mandarin sometimes, and it only is delayed a day or two.

Things are getting worse, though.

douglas said...

I think it's fair to note that mosst mail gets where it's going well enough. It's just that there's no concern about this sort of thing with the post office, where there would be from a private company. Well, never minding the difference in cost/efficiency between the two from an operations standpoint.

karrde said...

...and now you're in the position of needing a replacement bulb, and waiting for a further shipment. (Or whatever delay will be in place at any store you can get to.)

'Tis sad.

(I'm assuming you aren't riding unless you have a working headlamp.)

Did the source give you an option between USPS/UPS/FedEx?

Grim said...

No. They also didn't respond to my email showing them this and other photos of the destroyed package, and asking for a replacement bulb.