The classic way to win a Presidential election is to convince a majority of voters that you represent the vision they want to see for their country.  There's a secondary way, though, if that doesn't work:  buy off key segments in key states.

Since the normal way is out this year, we're left with route two.

Well, once you can't win their hearts, you have to bribe them.  Maybe there's enough voters left who can be bought.  That's the only road, now.  You only get away with this once:

They know you, now.


mtwzzyzx said...
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douglas said...

The funny thing about the gay marriage issue is that it's likely going to cost Obama more black votes than it could possibly gain gay votes, and probably not enough serious gay marriage single issue voters to matter either.

Grim said...

Yeah, the newspapers all reported that the pressure was over not votes but campaign cash: apparently, if these stories are true, gays control a vast percentage of the Democratic donor pool.

I find that assertion remarkable; gays are such a small percentage of the population, it's amazing that they would be in so many positions of wealth.

Tom said...

It doesn't have to be homosexuals themselves. It could just be lots of deep-pocket donors who believe same-sex marriage is a right and refused to donate unless this was done.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Tom has the right of it - look at all the Hollywood fundraisers the POTUS has been attending.


douglas said...

Indeed- Hollywood and the affiliated social groups are disproportionally high in gay population, and they do have great influence. Many are also quite wealthy- not having kids helps, as does a preponderance to be in professions that can become quite lucrative.

I suppose then, the sad message here is that Obama was ultimately unable to stand up for anything but money.