Talking Blues, Scottish Style, in Australia

The important line is this poem:  "Whar Stands Scotland Now?  Stands it Whar it Used To?  Whar Stands Scotland Now?  Stands it Whar it Could Do?"

As to which, I honestly don't know how Scotland came to this.  If there was ever a people who seemed to have a hearty national sense for vengeance -- Nemo Me Impune Lacessit!  -- surely it was the Scots.  If that can be lost, all can be lost.


Joel Leggett said...

The Scots have become a bit of a disappointment. Apparently they lead Europe in obesity and heart disease.

Furthermore, they are losing their traditional regiments because not enough Scots were willing to serve.

Lets face it, the best Scotland had to offer left its shores for America a long time ago.

Grim said...

That would be us, then. And that means it's all on us. Nemo Me Impune Lacessit.