Sic Transit Lex

By now you will have heard that one of the most famous, and most justly famous, of the milbloggers died when his fighter crashed yesterday.  The man we called Neptunus Lex was a good companion (especially, one might be inclined to say under happier circumstances, for a fighter pilot).  He was also a good writer:  his thoughts were clear and his expression courtly.

You can leave condolences at his place.  I am going to follow the example at BLACKFIVE and close the comments here, because it's best that they be made where his family can see them.

He had a mechanical problem with his plane just a few days ago.  You may remember reading about it.
It’s funny how quickly you can go from “comfort zone” to “wrestling snakes” in this business. 
But even snake wrestling beats life in the cube, for me at least. In measured doses.
Spoken like a man.  He certainly was one.