Fire in the hole:

In 2006, The Dartmouth, the student newspaper of Dartmouth College, a liberal arts college in New Hampshire, published a cartoon showing Nietzsche conversing with a male student. The student was with a very drunk girl after a night of boozing and schmoozing and was wondering whether or not he should have sex with her. ‘Will to power’, Nietzsche tells him. The cartoonist said it was intended as a pisstake of Nietzsche, and more broadly of his rehabilitation in liberal academic circles, but some Dartmouth students saw things differently – in their eyes the cartoon was effectively okaying date rape. So they did what any well-educated, privileged students at a liberal arts college would do – gathered outside the offices of The Dartmouth and publicly burned copies of the offending newspaper. Like fascists.
On the upside, a Dartmouth education provides you with a sterling appreciation of the musical contributions of The Who:

And, after all, The Who were at Woodstock.

So, you know, the true culture of Western Civilization is preserved. We all know that Western Civilization started in 1969.


"The problems of the world can't be solved in meters. They can only be solved the way we made them: inch by inch."

Another artist who was there present at Woodstock.

Could be there's hope even for the hippies. And their children. Aye, their children, most of all.


Since we're on the subject of folk singers who changed their minds about some things, this one is from 1971. Western Civilization had existed for two whole years.

...and here's the version from 1988, long about the second Reagan administration.

Natural law at work.

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