These People Are Dangerous:

So there's this video:

Link: sevenload.com

(H/t: Cassidy).

And also this article:
Americans drove 1.4 billion fewer highway miles in April than they did in April 2007, the Department of Transportation said Wednesday.

Americans have driven 20 billion fewer miles overall this year, the Transportation Department says.

That marks the sixth consecutive monthly drop and coincides with record gas prices and an increase in transit ridership, Transportation Secretary Mary Peters said.

April's drop is more than three times larger than the drop from March 2007 to March of this year, which was 400 million fewer highway miles.
So: the lady says that "when Congress can set prices, Congress can set prices."

Let's say they set the price at $2.00 a gallon.

Americans don't drive 1.4 billion fewer miles in a given month.

What happens to the gasoline?

Answer: Americans consume more of it. What does that do to fuel prices worldwide? It drives them way, way up.

Who does that hurt? The poorest people in the world, whose governments aren't wealthy enough to deficit spend to buy them gas and sell it below market rates. These are the people -- in places like Africa and the Southern Philippines -- for whom extra fuel prices isn't an inconvenience, but associated with things like famine and death.

Why is that the "progressive" answer? This is the kind of thing people die over: not here, but in the poorest parts of the world.

If you can't swing the gas as a relatively rich American, try riding livestock. I can grab a horse; but some of you progressives might want to try riding a camel. Through the eye of a needle.

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