Grim's Hall: Your Home for PR0N!

I see that Magic Island Technologies, which provides the private internet service to Camp Victory, has banned the entire Blogspot system as "a pornography site" -- I can still get to Blogger to post, but not to Grim's Hall. I expect it was our Holy Week series that did it, or possibly Joel's writings on Rules of Engagement (just the sort of thing you'd want to keep soldiers from reading).

Since I figure there's no hope of convincing the Army to reconsider, I suppose I'll just have to live down to their expectations. Here follows "The Ballad of Lily and Sam," by The Limeybirds.

A bonny young lass fresh and wholesome
was married to a much older man:
Listen close to this tale we will tell you
'tis the ballad of Lily and Sam.

When he comes home in the evening
Lily sat a nice table for two.
Sam says he's already eaten,
and then heads right on up to his room.

She followed him happy and hopeful
dressed in her best lingerie,
and there he's high up on the bedposts
sound asleep, much to Lily's dismay.

She tried and she tried O to tempt him;
Sweet nothings whispered in his ear.
Sam pushed her off and he shouts up,
"Speak up girl, you know I can't hear!"

Lily slipped him one night some Viagra;
She didn't know what else to do.
But from that day on they were happy
and soon they were no longer two.

Many years later when Sam died
Lily she moaned and she cried;
We heard that old Sam had been found
Wearing naught but his socks and a smile.

So if your lover is older
Don't worry, there's hope for you still:
Just think of Lily and her Sam,
and trust in the little blue pill!
There, that ought to do it. Plus -- I swear I am not making this up -- I just received an email from "Erica Blair" advertising penile enhancements. That should really cement our status.

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