Looking good Federalism

Federalism Looks Better & Better:

Whatever you may think about the national election returns, the statewide elections here in Georgia are affirming my support for increased federalism. Several Constitutional amendments here in Georgia are showing very strong, and deserved support:

1) An anti-Kelo amendment restricting eminent domain;

2) An amendment affirming the right to hunt and fish, and requiring the state to manage public lands so that all Georgians have access to those activities;

3) Amendments to restrict ad valorem taxes for farms and ranches;

4) Amendments to establish new homestead exemptions to ad valorem taxes for the widows of slain policemen and firefighters.

I assume most of you are reasonably pleased with local outcomes, however pleased or distressed you may be by the direction of Congress. Mark that. By pushing power down to the states and localities, we can each of us better have the life we want. Americans may not all agree about how best to govern, but that doesn't mean America can't be for all of us.

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