Key Races

Key Race Concept:

As we come down to the end, it is clear enough that we're not fighting over a nationwide referrendum -- in spite of stories about "right track/wrong track" polls, the truth is it's several key races that are going to determine control of the government this year. Nowhere is that clearer than here in Georgia, where George Bush flew past Atlanta (passing over my head on the way -- Air Force One and escort soared above us about midmorning), and campaigned in nowheresville the little rural college town of Statesboro.

The appearance drew this bit of press:

Bush made Monday’s stop to boost the campaigns of Congressional hopeful Max Burns and the Georgia governor.

“It makes me feel comfortable to be here in a state where your governor wears cowboy boots,” the president said.

The boots, complete with a state seal, even drew the envy of a Secret Service agent who admired them when Perdue arrived for the morning rally.
Hey, that is cool.

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