A Creed:

JarHeadDad, in the comments to a post a Milblogs, pointed to the difficulties of the war for the families and the fighters. He then said something I thought you should probably all read.

It all boils down to belief I guess.

I believe the mission is golden.
I believe the American military is the finest fighting force the planet has ever seen.
I believe the level of honor and integrity of our warfighters has never been seen in history.
I believe Gen Mattis should be seen in history standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Chesty Puller.
I believe Gen Hagee is one hellova' Marine.
I believe politics have invaded every nuance of warfighting.
I believe half this country is made up of spoiled self-righteous pantywaists.
I believe the squad leaders on the ground hold the key to beating an insurgency.
I believe the current ROE were made up by people afraid of votes.
I believe each and every young man and woman in this military is the finest America has to offer.
I believe each and every warfighter deserves the benefit of the doubt.
I believe we are asking of our young men and women something that has never been asked of them before. For better or worse.
I believe in our abilty but not our will.
I believe in our honor regardless of the actions we are required to make.
I believe we are fighting a war on evil with one hand tied behind our backs.
I believe you cannot support the troops without supporting the mission.
I believe we better ALL figure out what side we are on or it will be too late.
I believe our government has run amuck in all directions.
I believe it is time to vote each and every member of Congress out on their collective butts.
I believe it is time for a third party.
I think I agree with almost every word of that.

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