Good Gracious:

Do I understand that the President just nominated someone to the Supreme Court who has never been a judge at all? Miers would appear to have as her main qualification that she's a personal friend of his.

Feddie isn't happy about it, and the folks at NRO apparently are struck with disbelief:

In Case You Were Not Believing Yet
[Kathryn Jean Lopez 10/03 07:35 AM]

I just got something from the White House press office on Miers, so it's the real deal.


[Kathryn Jean Lopez 10/03 07:30 AM]

likes Daylight Savings. I'm giving you what I've got:

Hello, this is Harriet Miers. I am Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy at the White House, and I am delighted to be here to answer your questions this Friday afternoon. This is always a great weekend because we will all get an extra hour of sleep Saturday night. And given all that is going on, I have to say, we here at the White House are looking forward to that extra hour!
I think I'll be writing my Senators to urge that they oppose the nomination. They're both Republicans, and may feel an urge to party loyalty. But really, the Senate is not doing its job if it approves a nominee like this. This is the Julie Myers of the Supreme Court.

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