Thunder in Tennessee:

Full disclosure: My mother is from Rocky Hill, TN, and my father from the mining town of Mascot, TN. Knoxville is the nearest city to either, and I've been to this shopping center on many an occasion in my childhood.

I don't know who thought they could scare Tennessee's Republicans with gunfire, but they should have known better.

I dropped by the bullet-riddled Bush-Cheney HQ mentioned below on my way home from work. It wasn't bullet-riddled anymore, as the shot-out window panes had been removed. Nor, I have to say, was there much of a climate of fear in evidence, as the place seemed pretty crowded with people picking up Bush-Cheney signs and bumperstickers, children in tow.

This being East Tennessee, of course, I suppose that many of them were armed, which no doubt bolstered their courage.
This is not the only time a Bush/Cheney office has been shot up. Nevertheless, as people are picking .32 caliber bullets out of Republican campaign offices, I note that somehow it is Bush supporters who are labeled "Digital Brownshirts."

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