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Sadly, this story is not surprising. My father, once a captain in the Volunteer Fire Department, used to go and sit houses during the funerals of fallen brethren, both police and firefighter. It was to avoid stories like this:

The apartment of a Marine reservist killed in Iraq was robbed this week while family members were preparing for his funeral, police said.

Cpl. John Todd, 25, was killed last month when a roadside bomb exploded. Two other Marines were also killed in the attack.

Todd's family was getting ready for his funeral on Wednesday when a thief, who apparently was aware of the funeral, broke into Todd's apartment, ransacked it and stole his computer, police said.
There's a certain kind of ghoul who looks out for the funerals of heroes, in order to feed. May justice find him.

UPDATE: It appears the police caught someone.

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