- Politics - Kerry Sends Angry Letter To Bush

What did he say?

From Atlanta, we have an astonishing story:

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has sent a letter to President George W. Bush, accusing him of using the painful topic of Vietnam for his "personal political gain.
Let's review for a moment this article from the Washington Post:
"Vietnam" in and of itself has become a rock star brand within Kerry's apparent juggernaut for the Democratic presidential nomination. It is shorthand for Kerry's machismo, his foreign policy credentials and his refusal to succumb to the "Republican smear machine" -- ingredients in the magic dust that many believe will make him the most electable Democrat against President Bush.

"This man knows John Kerry from Vietnam," said Virginia state Sen. Henry Marsh of Vietnam vet Del Sandusky of Elgin, Ill., who would introduce Kerry in Richmond, as he has at many rallies across the country. There were more knowing nods and affirming cheers, both for the men -- Kerry and Sandusky -- and for the asset itself, Vietnam.

Sandusky credits Kerry, the commanding officer on a Navy swift boat, with saving his life. He sanctified Kerry as a "great American." A man in the crowd with a "Veterans for Kerry" sticker on his baseball cap screamed him one better: "The greatest American! He proved it in Vietnam!"

Vietnam is Kerry's best offense and defense: He was there, Bush wasn't. And if the Republicans deride him -- when they deride him -- as a "Massachusetts liberal," Vietnam will be his patriotic armor.

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