Reality, if you please:

No one is a bigger advocate of grizzly-bear protection than I am. However, if you're going to advocate any cause, you need to be extremely responsible about the truth.

The truth about grizzly bears is that they are highly intelligent animals who, if they decide you even might be a danger, will take the precaution of killing you. Their cousins the brown bears are almost as ruthless. What to make of this story?

Treadwell was the founder of Grizzly People, an organization devoted to the protection of grizzly bears and their habitat. According to the group's Web site, Treadwell's practice was to travel to bear country without weapons.
First impression: Treadwell is a dope.
Treadwell, a former drug addict, was featured on the Web site of actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio. According to a biography on the site, Treadwell beat his addiction by spending time in the Alaskan wilderness, where he developed his fondness for bears.
Second impression: blame the dope. I am as fond of bears as anyone, but you don't go hiking in Grizzly country without a .460 Weatherby Magnum (although I notice Kim du Toit suggests a lighter caliber). I'd carry my .44 Remington Magnum revolver along as a backup, too.

The little wife suggests that the Rangers sue Grizzly People (and any associated groups) for the loss of the two bears shot. I frankly think that's a fine idea. As these organizations feel we ought to be protecting the bears, they'll have no problem with a precedent for suing idiots who do dumb things that result in bears having to be destroyed. It's one thing to shoot in self-defense against a bear you've tried to avoid; it's another thing to force a confrontation, knowing that the law requires the bear be killed if you get hurt.

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