A Forest in Romania

If I ever get out there, I’ll want to visit this place.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

It's also important in archaeology, with examples of Cris culture having been dug there. It's not very big, but the haunting rumors are not just made up for Americans. I am told they have believed there is something worrisome about the place for centuries.

Anonymous said...

Places can have long memories. The battlefield at Kalkreise (Varusschlacht) where the Germans slaughtered the Romans made me really, really uncomfortable. There's something in the land that "remembers," for lack of a better, short, word.


raven said...

People say that about Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen etc, but there is always the question of ,does it feel spooky because they already know what happened? Maybe, but not necessarily. I have certainly been places that made me feel very uneasy, with no knowledge of any strange history.
That sense can be acute with people, a very, very few just radiate evil. Not muggers, or criminals , usually, it is way deeper than that. It's that raised hair GET AWAY RIGHT NOW feeling. Not a fear of violence, but a feeling the door to hell just creaked open a little. The sort of feeling that has one looking for a silver crucifix and a gun, at the same time. And it can come right out of nowhere on a sunny spring day. I hope I never have it again.

Anonymous said...

I met one of those people. He was dating a friend of mine in college, and the first time we met, I wanted to douse him with holy water and make him go back to wherever he came from. I didn't know anything about him, other than he was dating my friend. The gal on desk duty for the dorm had the same response, and again, knew nothing about him.

Alas yes, he turned out to be Bad News.