Waiting for the Facts

Turns out several of Epstein's neck bones were broken. The model on offer is that he tied a bedsheet to a bunk and then knelt down to strangle himself. I'm not sure that's really possible -- it would require a degree of self-discipline that transcends the fight-or-flight instinct, since all you'd have to do to stop it is stand back up. But it doesn't strike me as likely to break several bones.

But hey, as Colonel Kurt points out, why worry about it? Our elite's got this.


Christopher B said...

I wonder if the difference might be getting lucky (in a manner of speaking) and pinching off the carotid artery with whatever is used as a garrote. I'm just taking a swag that doing that might cause a loss of consciousness before the sensation of strangulation became too great to resist. Based on what I learned in a recent CPR refresher just pumping blood past the lungs will oxygenate it somewhat (the CPR advice now is to do compression even if you don't do supplemental breathing) so I could see remaining conscious for quite a while before lack of oxygen intake caused you to pass out. Could be why he failed the first time.

Grim said...

If it was a suicide, but you've got to maintain pressure on the carotid. As anyone who's done judo or jujitsu knows, you'll come right back out of a blood choke in a few seconds once the blood starts to flow again. You'd have to hang yourself just right to maximize pressure on the sides of the neck, neither the front nor the back.

And that's not consistent with an injury that breaks bones in the back of the neck, not without a lot more force than can be generated with a very short drop and no added mass.

Or so it seems to me, based on what I know about such things.

J Melcher said...

About the only thing that possibly could distract me from the current competitive-conspiracy-construction game:



"...other than the similarity discussed above between the dummy email address and the name of a Chinese company identified by the former ICIG analyst ... the DOJ OIG are unaware of any information that links Combetta or the dummy email address that he created with the Chinese government or a Chinese-owned company,”

Grim said...

You don't think they'll actually manage to bring accountability to that mess, do you? If they do, it'll be as wild a story as the Epstein one.

Christopher B said...

Would loss of consciousness lead to a further relaxation of the body and more slump, thereby keeping up the pressure? Just guessing it would if you were lucky, in a manner of speaking, and wanted to finish the deed.

Yes, it doesn't explain the broken bones.

E Hines said...

Hung from a bunk bed? With a knot in the "rope" placed over the adam's apple, and the "rope" tied to the top bunk railing or frame, a jump off the bottom bunk could lead to the damage.

That would take a truly dedicated effort at suicide, though, than even an "ordinary" effort to hang oneself.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

I’ve always heard that the knot goes behind the ear. But who knows? There’s a question about how tall the bunk was.

E Hines said...

A hangman's noose would. This would be a simple, single knot to harden a discrete section of the loop itself, to place over the adam's apple. Not used on garrotes because it's too hard to place. Hence the dedicated effort by the suicide. Which would be inconsistent with the screams allegedly heard in the area around the time.

Eric Hines

ymarsakar said...

All my "conspiracy land" analysis at NeoNeocon's site or maybe Bookworm Room's. I won't repeat myself.

Epstein is a small fish that got fried, as intended. Not very important to the greater campaign I watch.