C'mon, would it kill you to submit a little?

That which does not kill you is not a crime, unless it involves a plastic straw or hate speech that hurts feelz.


Grim said...

It’s so clear that there’s just a different mental standard for celebrities. Roman Polanski, too. If you’re in the club, you can do no wrong.

Deevs said...

A YouTuber I enjoy has done a series of videos on the allegations against Michael Jackson. His most recent one was directly in response to Leaving Neverland. I don't trust documentaries as a rule, so I'm not surprised to hear there may be more going on than what's in the documentary. Here's the link if you like:


Extremely salty language, but I imagine you can handle it. I enjoy this guy's content quite a lot, so maybe I'm a bit biased in accepting some of his evidence and conclusions.

Regardless, that is an odd stance for Barbara Streisand to take if she believes Michael Jackson did molest those kids. Makes me wonder what she was saying during the height of the #metoo movement.