"Orange Man Bad"

Molly Hemmingway apparently said on FOX last night that Democrats and Never-Trumpers were united around their idea that "Orange Man Bad."

Turns out that's a frame from the NPC meme we were discussing not long ago.

Speaking of NPC Conan, he's back on today -- with an orange theme, even.

It's not true that 'few would call Conan smart,' by the way; in Howard's stories he is respected as an intelligent and savvy tactician even by his worst enemies.


Anonymous said...

DJT gave his remarks and then answered questions from reporters for about an hour, and ol' Conan thinks that throwing a jerk out for extreme bad manners and causing an altercation is "silencing the press."



Grim said...

It's not thinking, it's programming.

Tom Grey said...

Trump's great for the press -- it's more a mixed bag of how both good and bad the press is for Trump.

Glad Trump threw the bum out. Good riddance to bad rubbish.