Vote Cimmerian Party



Sam L. said...

Socialism IS barbarism.

Tom said...

I liked the "Cthulhu 2016: Why vote for the lesser evil?" signs myself.

Socialism is a virus that subverts the host's cells and slowly kills it from within.

raven said...

Try a search for
"Drawings from the Gulag" to get a good view of "social barbarism". Generally, it seems to follow one step behind "social justice".

Eric Blair said...

Cimmerian party all the way.

douglas said...

Coleman Hughes came onto my radar a while back. He seems like a fine young man.

Ymarsakar said...

The giants are described in Genesis Six and 1st Enoch.

The story goes that the elohim descended and started hacking the Matrix/Maya system with their own family lineages, distorting all of Creation thus creating the scapegoat/Azazel side note in scriptures and history.

The Adam/Eve fall thing was only a minor blip on the radar of the problem of evil.

The two events that happened later are well attested to in various cultural oral histories: Babel and the War against the Giants/Nephiliim.

Loki/Prometheus, Ragnarok/Final Judgment, and so on and so on.

The ancient Greeks noted it as the jealousy of Zeus/Hera and the war against their fathers and mothers the Titans. The half hybrids and hybrid demi gods would be the nephiliim, as the original titans or giants were more than 50-100 feet due to direct descent from higher dimension to lower DNA dimension restricted by 3 or 4 dimensions.

So where are the bones, did they disappear like in some sci fi show?

Well, they got cleaned up by the Smithsonian and various other collection agencies. It disrupts certain favored beliefs like Evolution, you see. Without the internet, it would have been easy to get rid of almost all the trace evidence, except we still have pictures of private collections digging these "giant" "dinosaur" bones up.

Everything humanity thinks it knows is true eventually turns out to be built upon shifting sand and is only temporal in nature. But humans keep using pride and super national power to make themselves feel good about what they know or don't know.