Do voters care about the Supreme Court?

Surprisingly enough, it seems they do:
“It’s really not a top-of-mind thing for people on the street,” said Barrett Kaiser, a Democratic strategist in Montana. “The guys sitting on the barstool right now are talking about the harvest and hunting season and could care less about inside baseball in Washington, D.C.”
A Democratic strategist in Indiana agreed. “I’m not sure people [were] watching hearings as intently,” said Robin Winston, former chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party. Both strategists said the final vote would likely play a role for voters, although probably not as a make-or-break issue.
Some of the polling in some of these states, however, suggests otherwise. A Trafalgar Group survey over the summer showed Manchin with a 29-point lead over Republican Patrick Morrisey -- as long as he voted for Kavanaugh. Conversely, the poll showed Manchin’s lead narrowing to only two percentage points if Manchin did not vote for Trump’s nominee.


Grim said...

If Kavanaugh goes down, which is not very likely, it'll matter a lot more if Red State Democrats voted against him. If he gets through, people will forget by election day that it was an issue.

james said...

I wish I didn't have to think about the SC. But they've been given ridiculous power--overflow from the ridiculous power the rest of the government has accumulated, and as unaccountable as the bureaucracy.

E Hines said...

If Kavanaugh goes down, which is not very likely....

I'm not as sanguine about Murkowski or Collins (although I'm not worried about a crowd-sourced effort at bribery or extortion, depending on which lawyer one asks, influencing Collins).

Eric Hines