Some Appropriate Music for Leaving DC

Or, music for expressing one's feelings towards the governing class after a week of examining their exploits. It puts a man in a mood.

Language warning.

I'm back in the true South now, headed for home.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

What's your line for the True South? VA/NC?

Captain Steve said...

Mine is the Rappahannock.

Grim said...

That’s a good line. Warrenton, VA changed hands like a dozen times in the Civil War, and the Rappahannock is a bit beyond that.

Grim said...

I don’t really start to feel at home until I get to the ridgelines of the Shenandoah valley, but that’s more about being Appalachian than about being Southern.

raven said...

A long time ago as a lad I worked my way down the spine of the east to Northern Tennessee. Had to see a man about a guitar. It was like coming home, in a way. Even then, the New England fields and forests were being overrun by the city escapees, looking to build a "nice" house and pass a bunch of laws about old cars and tractors lying idle in the back forty.
By the time my Mom and Dad celebrated their fiftieth anniversary mit had gotten to the point they had to get a permit for 20 x 20 awning in the back yard...for the weekend.

How I long for the days when a kid could walk down a dirt road with a .22 and a fishing pole, without some asshole calling the cops, and without some punk cop showing up. Freedom. what an elixir. Ride tall, shoot straight and tell the truth , my friends.
OK, I'll put away the glass now!

Grim said...

Keep it. You’re rolling.