Trusting in Failure

The more we learn about what happened (and did not happen) in and around the recent mass murder, the more we are seeing that the institutions we erected to try and have some security simply failed to consider their primary functions in favor of more politically correct agendas, or simply exhibited cowardice.

-The School District enacted a progressive agenda to reduce the number of police interactions (arrests), which allowed the perpetrator to not be arrested and charged with assault, which would have red flagged him.
-The Sheriff's SRO Petersen refused to share information with State Social Services in their 2016 Investigation into the perps home.
-State Social Services failed to find anything actionable, or failed to act on actionable information in their 2016 investigation.
-The FBI failed to forward clear tips indicating a criminal threat.
-The FBI, five months earlier failed to act on an actionable criminal threat.
-The Sheriff's SRO Petersen was a coward, and perhaps also several other sheriff's deputies. (after watching this video- which implied that the coaches Aaron Feis, Scott Beigel, and Chris Hixon- ran past him to enter the building, while he stayed outside- I had to spend a few minutes on the heavy bag)
-Even now, it looks like the Broward Sheriff's office is in full CYA mode, rather than facing up to their apparently multiple and multi-valent failures.  I commented to someone who said that the Sheriff needed to resign that 'if this were Japan, he'd be expected to do more than that'.

So at least three government agencies failed to take actions that might have prevented this event, some of them multiple times, but rather than raising the question of what the limits of just how well the government can protect us is, we're talking about guns, which we know is an issue that isn't moving anywhere and so is only crassly being used as a political cudgel, and in many cases, people hiding behind children to do it.

What we should be talking about are things like:
-Why aren't groups like No Notoriety getting any attention?
-How making these perps infamous potentially inspires others to emulate him
-How the media can help reduce the appeal of committing these acts
-How we can hold failures of the bureaucracy to account
-How we should deal with discipline in schools
-How we should be raising our kids, and especially our boys in a society that increasingly is devoid of fathers, or even father figures, such as God the Father.
-How a culture that values fame as if it were a virtue creates a hollowness in it's people

I think most of us here are of like mind, and understand these issues, but I just wanted to lay this all out somewhere, so please forgive my indulgence.

Since we've been again made to defend our Second Amendment rights yet again instead of actually dealing with the matters at hand, how about some appropriate music:

Grand Funk Railroad's "Don't let 'em Take Your Gun" (Produced by Frank Zappa)

Ted Hawkins- The Constitution


Ymarsakar said...

I'm not saying the Deep State told the FBI to stand down, but the Deep State probably has something to do with this.

Just like that rumor back when Benghazi happened.

The FBI and ATF have an interesting track record. They can raid households like Ayers on somebody's orders or shoot everyone's pets, and often times end up at the wrong address since they lack intel assets on the ground, but when it comes to an actual semi battlefield, nobody wants to just charge up into it.

The crisis has to be managed for it to be useful. This speaks of orders from the hierarchy rather than small team tactics. Once is happenstance. This number of correlations is well into enemy action by now.

Christopher B said...

Featured in tweet posted on Instapundit - The FBI has now missed Cruz, the Vegas shooter, the Pulse night club shooter, the Boston Marathon bombers, the San Bernardino Terrorists, the Fort Hood gunman, and the big daddy, 9/11.

On the flip side that means they've had time to run black ops on GOP presidential candidates as well as bust college basketball ball players when their mothers get a few hundred bucks from a shoe company.

Texan99 said...

As the video's commenters also point out, the Broward County's deputies are now doing a much better job protecting Peterson's house than they did of protecting the school. Not that they can really protect Peterson from his worst enemy at the moment, which is his own conscience, which must be eating him alive.

douglas said...

At first, I was actually slightly sympathetic to the fact that his conscience would be enough punishment, and didn't think the media needed to repeat his name or put his picture up. That sympathy has worn off rather quickly. Certainly, it's better they repeat his name than the killers.

Ymarsakar said...

That pdf document from Israel, said Peter resource officer was put on unpaid suspension.

So let me get this straight. Executing people at Waco 1 and Waco 2 and in SWAT raids on innocent civilian homes, gets you paid suspension while they investigate and clear you. NOT KILLING people, gets you suspended without pay.

That's a disturbing, even to me, precedent for the LEO culture.

They are seriously trying to push military conditioning on those LEOs, to create their own death squads.

Grim said...

At least, Douglas, we shall have the pleasures of fellowship in a difficult time. Those are not small things.