"Not according to this kid . . . aaaaaaaand I trust this kid"

Deputy Scott Peterson's counsel is floating the theory that he had a good reason not to go inside the Florida school building. It's not easy to square, however, with the eye-witness testimony of a horrified student.
Note the sequence of events described by senior Brandon Huff. He told reporters that Peterson didn’t move even while other teachers were running into the building, including Aaron Feis, who lost his life shielding his students.


MikeD said...

If this is true (https://www.dailywire.com/news/27602/breaking-broward-county-deputies-were-told-not-ryan-saavedra#exit-modal), then the reason for not entering is that they were ordered not to. Which still doesn't excuse him, because $%&# orders to just stand there while kids die, but at least it's the reason his lawyer will have him hide behind.

Texan99 said...

It is starting to look as though they were ordered to stay outside, which must have been all the more galling when unarmed football coaches pushed past them, went inside, and died. I'm hearing today that they prevented EMS from going inside, which doesn't square well with the claim that they stayed outside because they thought the shooter was outside on the football field.

MikeD said...

I think the real story that will come out of this is the massive amount of CYA Coward Brounty (sorry, little typo there, Broward County) Sheriffs have engaged in post event. The lies told to the public in order to cover up the fact that they didn't want to engage a shooter are probably more egregious from a PR standpoint than simply refusing to put themselves into danger would be. Because the SCOTUS has previously determined that law enforcement are under no legal obligation to protect anyone from danger. True, the entire town will think you cowards (and appropriately so), but legally, they're on solid ground.