I am trying to decide how seriously to take the obstruction of justice narrative that is being prepared on the left. I keep trying to think, 'How would I feel about this story if Barack Obama were the President who wanted his Attorney General to prevent prosecutions of crimes by his cronies?' I don't have to use my imagination very much here because, of course, that was exactly what happened with Barack Obama, his attorneys general, and his cronies.

Ultimately I think this has to be a Congressional responsibility to investigate and pursue, because the AG isn't independent enough -- and probably shouldn't be independent of the elected official over him. On the other hand, it really was maddening to see the IRS used to target conservatives, watch them destroy evidence and lie to Congress, and never face any consequences.

What's to be done about this issue? Destroying Trump doesn't fix it. Electing another Clinton sure wouldn't fix it either. It's a structural issue that I don't know that I see much way around if the Congress won't assert itself.


E Hines said...

As a legal question, there is no obstruction. The President has the authority to order the firing of the FBI Director.

As a political question, there could be a problem, but it hinges on being able to demonstrate reasonably credibly a motive consistent with obstruction.

Also politically, and this can redound to Republicans' benefit if the Progressive-Democrats try to conflate the two. It'll be easy to demonstrate the crass political disingenuosity of the Progressive-Democrats in deliberately obfuscating the thing with their conflation, alternatively to demonstrate the Progressive-Democrats' ignorance with the existence of their conflation confusion.

Eric Hines

Dad29 said...

Hope in Congress is like hope that you will not die.

Grim said...

If you hope not to die, you will only be disappointed once in your whole life.

E Hines said...

Not if you're a coward, as a playwright had it once.

Eric Hines

Ymarsakar said...

Congress doesn't even have the need to know for a lot of Deep State black ops projects.

The Deep State has so much blackmail and leverage on Congress, even the Leftist alliance would bend under their orders.

Man is appointed to die once for the plan of immortality or everlasting life.

That is because this world is to the spirit world as a VR game is to IRL. It is a testing scenario. Trum and CEOs fire and hire people, after interviews, for the same reason. The Celestial Divine Council is not dumber by comparison.