Crimes before the FISA court

From Maggie's farm:

This is a clearer exposition than most, but I still find myself swimming in a story that's hard to keep track of.  One part that caught my attention was the late November 2016 visit to Trump Tower by Admiral Rogers, which ex-federal prosecutor Joe di Genova describes as the hidden hero's story in this ugly sage.

Rogers's visit was portrayed by the progressive media at the time as a breach of professional ethics.  Di Genova sees it as a principled whistle-blowing, followed immediately by Trump's charges that Obama wire-tapped him, as well as a general decampment from Trump Tower to temporary New Jersey offices until the Trump Tower could be swept and debugged.


Christopher B said...

My sense is that there a bunch of people in FBI cointelpro who think Mark Felt was some sort of hero. I think what we haven't figured out yet is the extent to which they were doing this to ensure a Hillary victory so they wouldn't be prosecuted for what was done during Obama's administration, or if it was purely anti-Trump. I'm also almost flabbergasted that they appear to think such a flimsy excuse for a scandal (the Steele dossier) would make 60 million people change their mind about Trump and not vigorously resist their palace coup. I suppose their real targets were the NeverTrump GOPe like McCain, Ryan, and McConnell.

Grim said...

This is an important story. The Republic may well depend on its outcome.

raven said...

A critical story. If the top echelons of federal law enforcement and security agencies were/are actively plotting to remove a elected serving President, and being caught out, I would expect them to do anything to preserve their lives and positions, up to and including assassination.

Were I Trump, I would be having talks with Mattis about using the USMC as a protection and law enforcement arm against the weaponized fed agencies, Constitutional or not.

Because, in the end, this may come down to to a nose thumbing, "So, what are you gonna do about it?" condition- if the fed leos are corrupt or turned, agency wide, it will take guns to get them out.

What they will say is, "how many divisions does Trump have?" And he better be able to mobilize a couple domestically. His ace is Mattis- he can use his knowledge to vet the corps leadership and find some reliable people- anyone promoted under the zero is automatically suspect.

Grim said...

This guy has a good thread on the emerging facts about just one actor in this drama.

Grim said...

"Anyone promoted under the zero is automatically suspect."

Mattis wasn't promoted by Obama -- his fourth star came in 2007 -- but he was elevated by Obama to different commands, including CENTCOM. All of Trump's generals have at least some tie to the Obama administration. Anyone who was serving in the last 8 years will have been promoted or forced out in that period. You can treat promotion as suspect, but if it's taken as proof of complicity you'll disqualify almost the whole force.