Mike Pence and Public Broadcasting

It may be counter-intuitive, but Vice President Pence once won the Champion of Public Broadcasting award.
“Governor Mike Pence is a highly-respected conservative who jealously guards taxpayers’ interests, believes deeply in limited government, values the public service mission of public television, and has recommended an investment of State funds in support of that mission in Indiana,” said APTS president and CEO Patrick Butler. “We are profoundly grateful for his support of our work in education, public safety and well-informed citizenship, and we are honored to present a well-deserved Champion of Public Broadcasting Award to one of the most principled and talented political leaders in our country.”

“The foundation of a free society is an educated and informed public,” said Governor Pence. “For decades, Indiana’s public television stations have enriched and engaged the Hoosier public and reflected the state’s values. I am grateful for their service and that of the Association of Public Television Stations in furthering the knowledge of viewers across this great nation every day.”
There are reasons to question whether the public interest is best served by a government-run news agency, which will of course be operating in the interests of the government -- not necessarily the same as the interests of the public. Still, the recognition of the role that journalism plays in creating an educated and informed public is striking compared to the current administration's rhetoric towards news even of the market-based sort.


Sam L. said...

CPB and NPR: Don't seem to reflect the government to me. Democrats and lefties, yes.

Grim said...

I think of the government more and more as being less the elected officials, and more the bureaucracy. It's very much in their interest.

douglas said...

Well, CPB was created by the government, is currently funded about halfway by government (of various levels). CPB then funds NPR and PBS. Something that is half-government funded is at least in some way, 'government'.