A recording of an interrogation of a 22-year old teaching assistant for her thought crimes.


Anonymous said...

If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.
-George Orwell


"But from the beginning of creation, God MADE THEM MALE AND FEMALE."

Mark 10:6

Heads need to roll in academia.
Calling Jordan Pederson a charlatan? They are indeed the inquisition...

To hell with their safe spaces
After listening to this video I am inspired to learn more about Jordan B Peterson.

Really, To hell with their state sponsored religion.


Anonymous said...

The more I thought about this recording the more
I thought about Gabriele Kuby and an interview she gave some years ago, here is the link.

Listen to that recording and then read what Kuby has to say.

World War Sex: A Global Revolution Imperils Men, Women & Children—An Interview with Gabriele Kuby


Ymarsakar said...

Shrugs. Not so different from what I had foreseen in 2007. Mind control was a laughable line from conspiracy theorists, or at least that is what people were programmed to react with.

They are using the earliest and lightest form of MC or government. Bella Dodd wrote about it in School of Darkness, detailing commissar trials of the US Marxists in 1930s.

There are far more advanced forms created through NLP research and Slavery 3.0 experiments. Patricia Hearst was one of those test cases.

MikeD said...

Just started listening to this, but already 1 minute in and I can tell I'm not going to make it through this? Solely because of her speech patterns? She ends every sentence with an upward inflection? Which ends up making her statements sound like questions? And I find that really annoying? Because she's not actually asking a question? And, like, I wish she would stop? Ohm and she also says "like" a lot? Like, WAY too much?

See what I mean? That last was actually a question.

Grim said...

A good way to keep me from learning any important piece of information is to put it in a video longer than, say, a minute and a half. But you don't have to listen long to this one to get the sense of the thing. Just to the point at which the bad cop starts in on her for targeting 'transfolk.'

Anonymous said...

Here is an update from Life site news! Seems the University is not enjoying the Negative publicity!


- Mississippi