To Autumn

We are come to the end of summer, the Autumnal Equinox, and the darkening of days.

In Georgia, this begins the best time of year.

In other places, the end of summer may be met with less joy. The thought of long winter months in snowclad rooms may be as oppressive as the long heat and humid air of the Deep South. But for us, here, today looks like the promise of crisp mornings and cool evenings, a season of bonfires and festivals crowned at last by the Yuletide.

I hope you find the joy in it.


james said...

Richard Adams wrote in Watership Down something to the effect that though humans say they enjoy the winter, what they usually mean is that they enjoy being proof against the winter.

Grim said...

That may be, but try to be proof against a Georgia summer! Although this one was mild by comparison to most.