A Female Marine Infantry Officer

The Corps finally found a woman who could pass its notoriously-tough Infantry Officer's Course (IOC). Over five years of attempts, the previous 36 women have failed (I have read in one source that this candidate failed once before, but that doesn't seem to be confirmed in every source). About one in four men who attempt the course fail it.

To her credit, she seems not to want to be named -- just to carry on with the work.

Good hunting.


Ymar Sakar said...

If they wanted an all female unit, they would first need a cadre of instructors that can pass these tests.

The political solution is to just add bodies and make it look good. The way Hussein sent more troops to Afghanistan per political promises, when in fact he just shipped one Stryker Brigade trained for Afghanistan to iraq, and shipped one Stryker brigade trained for Iraq to Afghanistan.

Apparently Americans fell for it.

John Kerry and pro Draft Demoncrats had the same idea. Just add more numbers to the SF, it'll solve the problem.

I suspect the reason why they want more bodies in the US military is two fold.

1. More internal spies that can be used to hijack and Gramsci the institutions.
2. More cannonfodder for the Left to get killed and blame on scapegoats, ala Benghazi.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I like her already