Mattis: No Enemy Has Hurt US Military as Much as Congress

He's talking sequestration, which is bad policy, but there are other things he might have mentioned as well. I always think of Harry Reid's "This War Is Lost" as symbolic of the willingness to destroy morale in favor of partisan political advantage.


Tom said...

Well, sequestration and the whole budget issue involves two branches of the federal government, not just Congress. At least, unless one party has a super majority in both houses and can override a veto.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

See also, Walter Cronkite.

As the stated strategy of Islamic extremists from the start was to wait the Americans out, because they considered us cowards with no stomach for war, repeated signalling, not only by Democrats, that we wanted to get out as soon as we could, was of course an encouragement to our enemies. Americans will go three years, then they want out, right or wrong, win/lose/draw. Presidents can push all their chips to the center of the table then and get a little more time.