Georgia's Escaped Convicts Captured

They made it as far as Tennessee, but a homeowner caught them trying to steal his truck and held them at gunpoint for police. There's a crisis over, and thanks to an armed citizen acting in a citizen's role to defend the common peace and lawful order.


Texan99 said...

Shame they survived, though.

Grim said...

They are dangerous to keep. The escape happened though they were shackled, handcuffed, and locked in the back of an armored bus. They somehow got out of the handcuffs, out of the shackles, through the locks, and then managed to wrestle the guns away from the officers. Then they dodged every cop in the South for three days.

So yes, it might have been better if they hadn't survived their encounter with the armed citizenry.

E Hines said...

In Texas, it would have been legal to shoot them during the car theft or in hot pursuit pursuant to the attempt.

Oh, well. They can always be shot tomorrow. They can't be unshot.

Eric Hines

ColoComment said...

Re: the escape. They had to have had outside/inside help to have gotten past all the hardware & other security measures. I sure hope that authorities are thoroughly investigating that part & shut down whatever channels were used. They owe it to the dead officers and to those who will transport convicts in the future to do so.

What surprises me about the capture is the passive manner in which they are said to have surrendered. After murdering two corrections officers. Homeowner with a shotgun or not, they have to know that they're destined for death in any case (I'm told that GA has the death penalty, yes?) What do you think was going on with that?

Grim said...

Possibly they were convinced that they'd have a better chance with a lawyer. (I've heard a report that the homeowner asked, on the 911 call, "if that bounty is 'dead or alive.'")

Or maybe they think they'll be able to pull the same trick again. They didn't have any trouble with it the first time.

But likely they were just tired. For three days they'd been running, with who knows how much sleep or food, under stress all the time. Giving up was just the easiest choice.